Nikkei Art dedicates in arts and culture and sells specially selected Japanese works of art.

Enriching Your Lives Through Art

Nikkei Art helps to enrich your lives by delivering thoroughly selected works of art, including paintings, block prints, pottery and other craftworks.

Delivering excellent original works of art, selected exclusively by Nikkei Art

Lineup includes a variety of masterpieces, including original drawings by well-known and respected artists, block prints by cultural medal winners, and pottery and craftworks by living national treasures, as well as works by young emerging and popular artists.

Major artists represented
Kaii Higashiyama, Ikuo Hirayama, Matazo Kayama, Junsaku Koizumi, Hiroshi Senju, Chinami Nakajima, Kazuyuki Takishita, Kakiemon Sakaida, Imaemon Imaizumi, Manji Inoue, Osamu Suzuki, Hiroshi Nakajima, Jun Isezaki and others.


Nikkei Art primarily sells works by Japanese artist. If you are interested in purchasing from our collection, please send email in English to the address.

About Nikkei Art

Nikkei Art is operated by Nikkei Plaza & Services, Inc., a 100% subsidiary of Nikkei Inc.